This year, Ikea have sponsored a friendly competition for our readers. You have the chance to win 5000 Dirhams to spend at Ikea, and meet me and some other wonderful Dubai food bloggers at a festive dinner on December 15.

Ikea Christmas Decor

The rundown:

I want you to submit a dish that you think would be fabulous for a festive dinner. It can be your own recipe, a recipe you find online, something from a book, or you can even submit a series of ingredients or style you would like me to play with, so we can create a new recipe together.

How to submit:

If you have a recipe ready: Go to and click on “submit your dish”. Flick through until you find me, and click again. Load up a picture of the recipe if you have one, fill in the recipe details (remember to tell people where the recipe/photo came from if it is not yours), your own details and press “submit” again. Done!

If you want to give me some inspiration: email me your idea, a photo of your inspirational ingredient, or snap of a tasty dish from a recent restaurant visit, and I will whip up a recipe for you, and load it up with your details (provide me with your name, email, gender and phone number).

You don’t need to provide a complete recipe, but a good description will help voters gravitate towards your choice.

roast-veg-salad2Team Hedonista:

We are in charge of side dishes, and it has to have Arabic inspiration. It can be just one, or a few sides that go well together. We are up against team – she might be from Lebanon and think she has a regional advantage, but this Aussie and her readers can totally beat her!

How are we going to win the voting?

Pretty photos, delicious descriptions, innovative thoughts and stacks of entries. And when the dishes are up, get everyone you know to vote for your dish!

I’m so looking forward to what you are going to come up with – what a lovely festive gift you can give me by playing along, and it will be even better if I can meet you in person on December 15!


Some other suggestions or opinion to add? Please comment