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Tomato Recipes – Inspired by Provence

Tomato Recipes – Inspired by Provence

My life in Provence is a simple one. I wake to the clangs of the village bells and the dogs that howl in harmony. I walk to the bakery – simple baguette is now all I need. The previous holidays’ over-eager eyes and expanding waistline have taught me that croissants, […]

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Stay Different – Summer Deals from Jumeirah

Stay Different – Summer Deals from Jumeirah

Something for my Dubai readers…. I’m sorry I keep on sending you instagrams of lavender fields in Provence, crystal blue waters of Malta, perfect chalky cool whites from Santorini and Mykonos and then posting about icy cold bottles of golden Cava in Barcelona. I’m sorry, because I know that while […]

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Saint-Remy de Provence

Why do French tomatoes taste so good?

My travel companions suggested it’s the sun. While just escaping Provincial rays under a pregnant pear tree and stuffing our bouches with sweet cherry tomato tart which is rapidly cooling despite the summer heat, it’s easy to think it’s something simple, and natural. Something as mother-earthly as terroir – a […]

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¡Salud! Drinking in Barcelona

¡Salud! Drinking in Barcelona

You’ll be very happy to know that during my rather long hiatus, I have been conducting some very serious research on the alcoholic capabilities of Barcelona. It’s taken quite a bit of work on my behalf, but now I am happy to share all my results so you do not […]

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