In the meantime, happy Holi

It’s the festival of colour today, and so I thought I’d do a (fairly) wordless tribute. It’s a Hindu celebration, where they paint everything with powdered colour, and something I’d love to participate in first-hand one day, probably in Rajasthan, but I also like the idea of being in Braj, where it’s legal to hit men over the head with massive frying pans on the big day. But for now, I’m too busy even to schedule a tea-break, so I’ll paint my blog with the colours of this world.









  1. Stunning! Such a beautiful idea.

  2. What a beautiful idea… inspired to do the same – running against time though! Happy Holi to you and H and the li’l ones. And how do you know about Braj?

  3. I just got mesmerised.

  4. Brilliant idea and beautiful pics. Nice memories too – I’ve been there for quite a few of them!

  5. Beautiful post!

  6. This is beautiful, such a great thought for a blog post. Stunning images!

    The Lathmar Holi celebrated in Braj is indeed spectacular, never had a chance to visit the city during the festivities but have heard hubby vividly reminiscing about his experience photographing it!

  7. What a fabulous idea….and stunning pics too!

  8. In a word: inspirational!

  9. Fabulous I love the blue section 🙂

  10. P.s Did you mean add images for the “Red” category?

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  12. Absolutely love this post. I think the yellow section is my favorite, but all of them are lovely.

  13. Great idea indeed!!!!!!!!!!
    Loved your post.

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