I am Sarah Walton. I have a diploma in Wine Marketing from Adelaide University, that took me to WSET4 equivalent. I have managed restaurants, been a sommelier, a waiter, stocked a wine store and personal wine cellars. I’ve written for wine magazines, recipe rags and travel and leisure guides. And I still do.

I lived in Melbourne most of my life, and moved to Dubai with my family in 2008. Sands through the hourglass, and here we are, 9 years later – me over 40, a husband even older and two boys in double digits.

This blog is named for my love of all all the exotic and pleasurable tastes I’ve found in this region, and on my travels nearby. I write about my own experiences, take my own photos and provide an honest opinion. I do not accept free meals in exchange for a good review – it’s just not my style.


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