Xmas-sorted coverI started to write a book nearly 2 years ago. It was stolen halfway through, and so the content already complete went to the great hard-drive in the sky.  The other half went to the place that all pipe dreams go – somewhere I can see it when I squint, but just can’t quite reach when I am sitting at a keyboard.

Sometimes we have to take a step back, and reassess what we have to offer the world. And although I still do have a culinary travel guide of the south of France in me, I think it’s best I get out what is concrete and ready to come. Hence the birth of “Christmas Sorted – 23 recipes to take you from freaked-out to festive”.

It’s not a book, but an online magazine. Baby steps – at least it’s complete! I’ve collaborated with the fabulous Sally Prosser of mycustardpie.com, and together we’ve put in the recipes that we love to prepare at Christmas time. They’re all pretty simple, and you definitely don’t have to be a pro-chef to make them. They’re adaptable recipes, and we encourage you to change them up to fit your own lifestyle – there are plenty of ideas in there for twists, but it’s just a starting point. Some are recipes already on the site, others are completely new. You’ll find homemade Christmas foodie gifts like truffles, cranberry sauce and gingerbread. There’s a winter Christmas menu, and a Summer one (yes, we have Christmas in the sunshine in Dubai), and there’s even a couple of ideas to handle your leftovers.

It’s completely free.

Download link here


Please let me know what you think. Should we do another? Would you prefer a more basic ebook format? Do you have my Aunty Ethel’s coveted and covert Christmas Pudding recipe?

25 thoughts on “Christmas Sorted”

  1. Brilliant initiative from you and Sally… no wonder you gals had been busy! I definitely look forward to the e-book. I always have a houseful of guests in December and though I am pretty chilled and well stocked and well organised for my Christmas part, I am always on the verge of ‘freaking out’. I have sent you an email. Love:)

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