prosecco saciliValldobiaddene Prosecco isn’t just basic old prosecco. It’s a DOCG (Italian wine class system) from the finest areas of Veneto, and therefore a stamp assuring you it’s not total swill. It’s made from 100% Glera (that’s the real name of the Prosecco grape), produced in the Metodo Italiano, or Charmat method, which is simpler that the Champagne method and well explained here. It’s a method that involves less character influences, and therefore the sparkling wine produced is more grapey. Good for those who don’t like very dry and yeasty Champagnes.

Medium course bead with light mousse. Very pale colour. Candy, pineapple on the nose. Floral and apple-like in the mouth. Marshmallowy. Little honey and jasmine on the finish. Slightly sweet, and, ahem… grapey.

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90AED + Tax (MMI stores, or tax free at Al Hamra, The Cellar)

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