cosetti barbera-clippedI played wine options with my husband on this wine. He first picked it as New World (as against old), and then as Spanish (rather than French or Italian). He finally got the grape variety (I offered him a choice of Barbera, Sangiovese and Merlot). He was way off on vintage. But he’s a fairly good wine taster – why? It’s because this wine tastes much younger, more vibrant and more fruit driven than many would expect. It’s almost a little like a serious Beaujolais – all dark cherries and spice with nuances of raspberry and vanilla on the finish. Body is medium, tannins are light and acid is fairly soft. There’s a little earthy hint to the middle palate, but nothing like the rusticity you might expect to find in an old vine Italian wine from a time-tested region. Quite clean actually, and dangerously quaffable – especially in this climate.

Drink now or for 3 years
80AED = tax

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