limestone hillWell, Wine-Ed-101 will tell you that limestone and good wines go together, so I picked this up hoping it wasn’t a marketing campaign to make a hill full of stones and planted with lime trees, sell. Lucky, it’s not. And, it’s quite a lovely surprise. This wine is for those who love their Chardonnays with a real punch. It’s that free-draining gravelly soil taking water away from the vine and concentrating the berries. It’s absolutely choc-a-bloc with flavour. The nose is lusciously leesy – yeast, butter, vanilla and nuts – like walking past a bakery that’s just taken almond croissants out of the oven. The fruit hits after a little sweetness on on the front palate – mainly green apples and white peach. The flavour on finish is a little short, but it’s worth it for that tongue smack, and at least the acid plays nicely around the mouth, preventing all those rich and slightly sweet flavours from cloying.

Drink now or for 2 years
AED 55 + tax

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