domain cordier pouilly fuisseFor those that don’t know the region, Pouilly Fuisse is a Chardonnay from Burgundy, but it’s just south of the golden strip (Cote d’Or), and in the cheaper, warmer region of Mâconnais. It is however the shining star of the region, and many would say that you’d be better off buying a good brand Pouilly Fuisse than a super brand of Bourgogne Blanc, and I’d tend to agree. It does of course come down to style, and being a small vineyard area it has a distinct character and changes dramatically over vintages. So, the rule goes – buy Pouilly Fuisse in the good vintages, and Bourgogne blanc in the poor (because it can be blended over a larger area, and it’s even possible that some grapes usually used for better wines will be declassified and added into the blend).
So – now to this particular wine. 2010 was a super vintage – low yeilding, good concentration, great acid, and yet still showing some lovely ripe flavours. It’s a keeper. This wine is toasty and creamy on the nose with toasted almonds. Fruit is concentrated but not sweet – pineapple/citrus and slightly grapey (yes, I know, wine is made from grapes, but this tastes a little like a firm and slightly under ripe sultana – quite a rare flavour in Chardonnay). Super dry, with some great minerality strethching through a constant finish. Tastes like a Cote d’Or wine. Super value.Drink now or over 4 years
120 AED + tax (I purchased duty free)

PS – Do NOT confuse Pouilly Fuisse with Pouilly Fume. Both are great, but the latter is an incredibly pungent Sauvignon Blanc from next-door to Sancerre in the Loire.

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