fleur du cap semillonOk – this is nothing like the Semillons back home (Oz, where they’re lean and grapefruity or toasty and linseedy). Nor is it anything like the Semillon blends from France (lean again, with grass and citrus and a little honey, unless of course it’s botrytised and that’s a whole different ball game). It’s uniquely South African, I suppose, but having tasted very little varietal Semillon from the country (it only makes up about 1% of total wine grape production for SA), I couldn’t say that with much authority.It’s unusual – medium bodied, milky, with some sweet oak, and finishing only just off-dry. There’s a little sweet oak and some nice leesy nuances, and then a whiff of sulphur that isn’t off-putting in the slightest – more savoury and funky, showing some thoughtful winemaking. It’s Chardonnay in disguise, I believe, but the fruit is more floral and pear-like, so not completely pulling it off – which is probably a good thing – after all, there’s plenty of Chardys around, and it’s lovely to try something a little novel.Drink now or for 2 years
49AED + Tax (Purchased tax free at The Cellar, Al Hamra, RAK)


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