Fuzion AltaMade by Argentinian powerhouse, Zuccardi, this is a crisp cheapie barbeque wine that is probably responsible for introducing northern hemisphere westerners to Torrontes, which is wrapped up in a neat little marketable package that includes the flavour of the moment, Pinot Grigio. For that we can be thankful, I suppose. Torrontes is to Argenitina what Sauvignon Blanc is to New Zealand, it’s tragically unknown, and it’s usually an incredibly good value wine.

Unfortunately, that’s about all I can find to be thankful for. The sulfites are so strong, even at this point, that they mask the zingy citrus and perfumed character of the Torrontes and the tropical/banana nuances that everyone loves so much about Pinot Grigio. Damn shame, because although it’s not undrinkable, it’s definitely not begging one to return for another go. Methinks it may actually put people off Torrontes, making them think the struck-match stench is actually from this grape they had not previously known of.

Drink in 1 year plus (maybe the sulfites will dissapate before the wine goes flabby)
39 AED + Tax (MMI Stores)

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