Mastro GrecoGreco di Tufo comes from Campania in southern Italy. It’s a region that was settled by the Greeks in ancient times, and because this grape is so established, it was originally believed to have come from Greece, hence the name “Greco” – but it’s hard to confirm the truth of this matter. The grape (Greco Bianco) is not an important one in Greece now, that’s for sure. The “Tufo” part describes the rock – a porous carbonate of lime – which also lends it’s name to the nearby village. The grape is also known as Asprinio (grown mainly in southern Italy), and is pale skinned grape with lean, light yet fragrant juice, and is usually best consumed fairly young.

This wine: Pale gold colour. Classic sugared almonds aroma coupled with clementine and tarragon. Very perfumed and fresh. Palate is zingy and slightly mineral yet balanced beautifully with some sweet pineapple fruit and chewy texture up front, a little oily saline and a surprising kickback of floral character.

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117 AED+ Tax (African and Eastern) – this one drunk at Bice for 400AED/bottle


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