planeta segretaChardonnay pretending to be Sauvignon Blanc, my husband said. He’s no dummy. There’s Chardonnay in it (a little), and it’s very aromatic. The main variety however is Grecanico, which is also known as Garganega, the main variety in Soave. However it’s got an entirely different flavour spectrum when produced in the warm and sunny region of Sicily. Lemon/citrus of Soave is replaced here by pineapple and tropical flavours. There is also plenty of stone fruit – white peach and apricot, likely from the Viognier, which only makes up 10% of the blend but is very evident. A little orange peel, floral, nectar. medium bodied and a little mild up front and open in the middle, but finishes reasonably with good acid. Interesting wine

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AED 65 (Purchased Tax Free at Dubai Duty Free)


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