ruinart roseI met a lady the other day who really knows her wine. She was complaining that she opened up a bottle of Ruinart Brut Rose the previous weekend, and her plebby friends sculled it back, smacking their lips, and saying, only on the last dregs “mmm, that’s luvly! I could drink a lot of this!”

I feel her pain. For those of us who study wine (oh, yes, don’t call us drunks, this is a skill, this wine appreciation palaver), it is sometimes difficult to drink our best wines with our best friends. We spend exhorbitant amounts of money on bottles that we are wanting to sit down with over several hours, analyze and disintegrate them in the slowest possible way so we can be sure that we have enjoyed every last dirham of our purchase. But the problem with very expensive wine is that it is usually very good, and ultimately, glugable. That means that your friends are going to love it, but they are also going to drink it very, very quickly. I now understand why so many older wine lovers enjoy Barolo – the wine that is easy to appreciate, but ever so hard to drink.

Ultimately, all I can advise is:

  1. Find more friends by doing a WSET course, and separate your pals into “champagne friends”, or “vodka friends” and share bottles respectively.
  2. learn to appreciate cheap wine, or…
  3. drink alone


The wine:

Vibrant clear rose hue, very pink. Classic strawberries and cream nose. Pure, clean wine – Bready and biscuity without any sulphidic or dirty lees characters. Palate very rich up front – wild berries, red apples, orange peel and light hints of Christmas spice. Lovely prickly bead and very creamy dry finish. Gorgeous, refined champagne. Need another bottle.

Drink now or for 3 years
370-400AED plus tax (purchased at Dubai Duty Free)


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