Torres EsmereldaThis is a wine that is hard not to like, at least for the first glass – exceptionally fragrant, and yet deceptively dry. But it’s also like a beautiful woman wearing a stunning perfume, just a little too much of it. The fragrance (lychee, jasmine and ripe, ripe pears) can overwhelm all around it, and rather than dissipate as you drink, it almost grows and dominates the palate. Many would not agree, and would argue that it’s almost grape-burstingly-textured muscat and luscious Gewurztraminer is a perfect accompaniment to meals so traditionally full of flavour they dominate the wine (e.g. a Thai green curry). I would say it’s a gorgeous, clever wine, but just for an aperitif with your melon and jambon, and then onto something a little more neutral.Drink now or for 2 years

45AED + Tax

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