santa cristina lugana-sizedIt’s Trebbiano, Jim, but not as we know it. There are some who would say it’s not Trebbiano at all, but something else, closer to Vermentino, but not quite that either. Lugana is a tiny region that runs along the shore of Lake Garda in Veneto, and there are a couple of wines styles from the region, but all come from the same grape, Trebbiano (or it’s little sister).It’s so much richer and more vibrant than the slightly nutty but fairly neutral Trebbianos you might find elsewhere. Instead it’s perfumed and slightly floral, and also a little like a vanilla tea cake.I’m not quite sure where this vanilla/cake flavour comes from though, because the wine is completely unoaked. The palate reveals a little sneaky citrus – almost like a clementine but so soft, and then bending into white peach and orange blossom. It finishes with just a touch of green almond.

Fantastic food wine, but keep the dishes fresh and simple – chicken caesar salad, grilled white fish, or for a contrast, a gentle triple brie with some herb crackers – you know the kind of thing. Lovely, lovely wine.

Drink now or for 1-2 years
115AED + tax (A&E stores)

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